Our Story

Born in the era of the Global Indian, this new collection of confectionery delights delivers a unique luxury experience; filling the senses and feeding the soul with a rich, international flavor palette and trademark recipes.
From the sumptuous spice plantations of her native Kerala, to the steel skyscrapers of Manhattan, Mubeena came to recognize that nothing else inspires and satisfies quite like world-class chocolates.
Knowing this, every chocolate is hand crafted with a bespoke, small-scale approach; one which has been continually perfected during her study at the French Culinary Institute in New York City and while working with some of the most prestigious names in chocolate.
Today the kitchen is her studio and the finest cacao, cream, essences and flavors are her brushes and paints, creating edible works of art. 
By combining the freshest ingredients and finest culinary techniques, with a global palette of essence and spices, Mubeena Shariff Chocolatier represents a new chapter in India's long standing traditions of luxury as well as the world's eternal love affair with chocolate.